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The DVP system simplifies the design, layout, automation and assembly of internal handling and storage lines using overhead space and completely freeing the floor for production and traffic.
Its standard components that are assembled on site provide:

  • the carrying function: free track center, automated track center, a set of carrying wheels.
  • the motion function: mechanical, manual and gravitation motion; gear, pitch and direction changing, sorting and crossing, stop and storage.

Benefits :

  • Direct and easy access to releasing mechanism.
  • Self-controlled direct transfer of a drive and load carrying carriage or a drive carriage and set of carrying wheels, from one chain to another, no matter what their speed is.
  • Brief response time at low speed: no waiting time for transfers or blockers.
  • Accurate chain: uncompressible, inextensible, break-resistant, non-fouling; accurate and known at any time position of drivers and set of carrying wheels (robotized painting).
  • Carrying rail with constant cut: simple manufacturing.
  • No wear of curves or vertical load on needles and no parasitic torque downgrade.


Our standard modular components manufactured in our factory upon template,
allow us to provide you with the line that meets your needs :

Motor units,
Lubrication sheaths,
Stop stations

Twin rail
vertical curves
Pipe switches

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realisation : Andromedia - 2003