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450 / 2000 Kg

900 / 4000 Kg

1800 / 8000 Kg


The motor-driven power and free chain conveyor simplifies the design and use of handling
and storage internal lines completely freeing the floor for production and traffic.

Carrying :

The rails are made of steel sections assembled by soldering. The loads are placed or hung on adapted brackets, which are hung in turn to sets of carrying wheels. The carrying wheel move lengthwise or crosswise at 30°, 45° or 90°. The specific features of the trolleys provide the following benefits :

  • passage of rail cuts at pipe switches that do not include any mobile carrying part,
  • self-secured synchronous or non-synchronous transfer from one chain to another,
  • full stability up to 40° slope,
  • differential effect eliminates track rolling in curves.

Motion :

This is provided by a removable chain with forged links in accordance with the French standard NF E 26-111. Its silent carrying rollers guide it under a steel section. The specific shape of the carriers associated to that of the trolley platforms guarantees front and back locking, when moving or stopping, as well as the direct and safe transfer between two chains. The various models of pipe switches provide speed and pitch changes, synchronizing and drive. They provide the change of travel direction of push-arounds, their sorting and regrouping. The stop on blocker stops a load without interrupting the motion of others.

Our standard modular components manufactured in our factory upon template,
allow us to provide you with the line that meets your needs :

Motor units,
Lubrication sheaths,
Stop stations

Twin rail
vertical curves
Pipe switches

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