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Heavy loads

  • For public works machinery, agricultural tippers, cranes ...

  • Loads: 2T or 3T per trolleys (10 to 12 T possible with 4 trolleys).

  • Cardan chain.

  • Trolleys with carrying rollers and directional wheels.

  • Precise chain: incompressible, inextensible, unbreakable, guided by 8 rollers.

  • Operating temperature: up to 250 °

  • Declutching by direct and simple proximity.

  • Possibility of switching, stopping station, storage.

Convoyeur double voie charges lourdes ABEYOR

This double-lane overhead conveyor is suitable for complex processes and heavy loads of several tons. It allows stops, accumulations, different speeds on the same circuit, diversions. Each load is disengageable. It is particularly suitable for manufacturers of heavy equipment (agricultural machinery, public works, cranes, etc.)

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