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. The tables are extremely easy to maneuver and have many different areas of application

Primarily used wherever there is a need to lift, assemble or transport and in any situation where an adjustable working height is required

Load capacity ranging from 200 kilos to one ton

Platform height varying from 920 mm to 1620 mm

The TZ Abeyor range is a range of Mobile Lift Tables and work platforms. Robust, easy to handle, they are suitable for many operations. They offer a wide range of models and performances and in particular a load capacity ranging from 200 kilos to one ton as well as a lifting stroke of between 920 mm and 1,620 mm.

The TZ models are used wherever there is a need for lifting, assembly and transport of components, as well as in all workplaces where an adjustable working height is necessary, in particular for ergonomic reasons.

TZ models can be tailored to suit your specific needs. The platform and the frame are galvanized to give you a finish that is both beautiful and very resistant.

The trolleys are available either in hydraulic pedal version or in battery version with integrated charger. Large wheels with double brakes on the swivel wheels ensure optimum maneuverability of the mobile lifting table in complete safety.

  • Load capacity up to 1,000 kilos.

  • Galvanized platform and frame to guarantee an incomparable surface finish and wear resistance *.

  • Very easy to maneuver.

  • B models are equipped with battery with integrated charger.

  • Gel batteries are well protected and require no maintenance.

  • Platform length varying from 900 mm to 1,000 mm.

  • Maximum working height from 920 mm to 1,620 mm.

  • The CE marking certifies that the product complies with European standard EN-1757-1.

  • 24 Vdc control system and control box equipped with an emergency stop device.

  • Safety spaces guaranteed between all moving parts.

  • Overload protection.

  • Progressive descent function.

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