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The tilting elevator is the ideal solution for all load handling operations on pallets, in boxes or in containers

It offers an ergonomic working environment with good foot space, comfortable working positions and unrivaled accessibility

Load capacity between 750 to 1500 kilos

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Abeyor Tilting Lift Tables offer an ergonomic working environment with ample foot space, a comfortable working position and unrivaled accessibility.

It is the ideal solution for all handling operations of loads on pallets, in crates or in containers. Parallel arms allow loads to be lifted and tilted using a single mechanism. This peculiarity makes tilting lift tables an economical alternative to conventional tables which require separate lifting and tilting mechanisms.

The downward tilt is ideal for handling tall pallets, oversized boxes and containers.

Bending over to reach components in a pallet or container results in loss of productivity and can cause severe back pain. The tilting lift table will help you improve productivity and reduce work accidents by eliminating situations where you have to constantly bend, bend and roll over.

Tilting lift tables facilitate the handling of pallets and containers filled with parts while improving productivity. The loaded pallets are thus raised and tilted to the desired heights and inclinations. As the fill level of the pallet changes, the height and tilt angle can be adjusted to maintain a comfortable working position.

The load capacities are from 750 kilos to three tons. The ALT U, UE and GB models have a U-shaped lifting platform and a minimum construction height of 8 mm allowing them to lift pallets, containers and trolleys off the ground.

The size of the lifting table can be adapted to your specific needs. The lifting table is supplied with holes for securing the load restraint.

  • Load capacity up to 3,000 kilos.

  • Lifting stroke varying from 565 to 820 mm.

  • Individual adjustment of working height and angle via unique control system Model for loading with forklift or for loading with forklift for pallets.

  • Tilt function from + 5 ° to 40 ° included as standard.

  • Collapse protection included as standard.

  • The CE marking certifies that the product complies with European standard EN-1570.

  • 24 Vdc control system and control box equipped with an emergency stop device.

  • Safety spaces guaranteed between all moving parts.

  • Overload protection.

  • Ultra sensitive safety frame under the perimeter of the platform to prevent jamming when lowering.

  • The tables are equipped with anti-rupture hose valves and mechanical jacks for maintenance and servicing.

  • No need for maintenance of the support surface.

  • Service locks sized for maximum loading.

  • Easy adaptation of the control automaton according to specific needs.

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