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Double scissor lift table makes it easy to handle large items safely

Equipped with two pairs of simple scissors to obtain the desired lifting stroke and table length

Load capacity ranging from 2 to 10 tonnes

Lifting stroke between 820 mm and 2000 mm

The Abeyor Horizontal Double Scissor Lift Tables are the ideal solution for handling long and heavy loads and for any need that requires a sophisticated lifting table. They offer a wide range of models and performances with a load capacity of two to ten tons, a lifting stroke between 820 mm and 2,000 mm, as well as a maximum size of up to 6,200 mm by 1,500 mm.

The lifting table is equipped with two pairs of scissors to achieve the desired lifting stroke and table length. The mechanical synchronization of the double scissors guarantees maximum stability and keeps the lifting table perfectly horizontal. The double scissor lift table makes it easy to handle large objects safely. Lift tables are available in several colors. There is also a wide range of accessories and control systems that will meet your specific needs (mechanical stops and foot control device, etc.)

In addition, most of our models are available in a “Heavy Duty” (HD) version, recommended for intensive use.

  • Load capacity up to 10,000 kilos.

  • Table length varying from 2,600 mm to 6,200 mm in standard model.

  • Wide range of accessories and possibilities to customize the chosen model.

  • The CE marking certifies that the product complies with European standard EN-1570.

  • 24 Vdc control system and control box equipped with an emergency stop device.

  • IP 54 approved electrical system.

  • Safety spaces guaranteed between all moving parts.

  • Overload protection.

  • Ultra sensitive safety frame under the perimeter of the platform to prevent jamming when lowering.

  • The tables are equipped with anti-rupture hose valves and mechanical jacks for maintenance and servicing.

  • No need for maintenance of the support surface.

  • Control PLC allowing the programming of various functions included in the standard model.

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