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Light to medium loads

  • Several solutions: from 70 Kg per trolley to 450 Kg per trolley (2T possible with 4 trolleys)

  • Cardan chain

  • Trolleys with carrying rollers and directional wheels.

  • Precise chain: incompressible, inextensible, unbreakable, guided by 8 rollers.

  • Operating temperature up to 250 ° C.

  • Declutching by direct and simple proximity.

  • Possibility of switching, stopping station, storage.

Convoyeur aérien double voie charge légère à moyenne ABEYOR

The double track overhead conveyor is suitable for complex processes. It allows stops, accumulations, different speeds on the same circuit, diversions. Each load is disengageable. All of these functions are managed by a programmable automaton which controls various sensors on the line.

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