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  • Particularly suitable for plastic, glass, metallization

  • Cardan chain, guided by 8 rollers, temperature up to 250 °.

  • Step by step or continuous speed operation.

  • The rails are made of steel.

  • Spinner conveyor; particularly suitable for small and medium-sized parts (cosmetics, perfume, wine or spirits bottles, rims, hubcaps, etc.) including:

  1. Self-lubricated rotators (up to 500rpm).

  2. High resistance chain, protected by metal scales.

  3. Interchangeable parts supports to allow different pitches on the same conveyor.

  • Conveyor with trolleys and raceways: used for large parts (2 or 3 m in length and / or height), plastic or metal (automobile: interior parts, shields, etc.) where precision is essential. With guides and precision systems for robots.


The monorail floor conveyor, also called single track, is recommended for simple processes. The speed is the same all over the circuit, the advance can be done step by step, or continuously, it is suitable for loads of limited weight. Traction is carried out by means of a mechanical chain, polyplane with gimbals. The small parts are placed on supports fixed in the chain. These supports can be rotating, allowing rotation (motorized or not), as for example in spray booths. If the parts are more cumbersome, they will preferably be transported on a trolley, which will ensure the stability of the load. The carriage will roll on dedicated raceways. The trolley can also roll directly on the ground.

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